Saturday, March 15, 2014

Alki's South shore

Spring is definitely here in the Northwest. The days are getting longer, it's sunnier and warmer. That's why we are trying to score as many storms as we can before we put our small gear away. We had been tracking today's forecast for a week (useless endeavor, but I digress). It looked like wind in the morning, or in the afternoon, or no wind at all, or windy all day. Yeah you've been there... So I planned to hit Alki South of the point early in the morning, and scored a 6.5 sesh in bump and jump terrain, with the sun shining through the clouds, terrific. The sesh was cut short though by a 5 inch tear in my trusty Bare dry suit. After all these years I am lucky the think didn't just desintegrate. Luckily the surfers have a shack packed with gear in North Lake Union, so I got a new suit, and rushed back to the beach. As I was driving I could see the whitecaps, even bigger than the morning, 5.2 at most! I rigged in 30 seconds, but the wind literally shut off the minute I was done rigging. What??? Where is the wind? Gone. Gone for good. So yeah it was weird, but the morning was superb, and this spot that I found kicks butt, so I'm pretty stoked about trying it again.   

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