Sunday, August 31, 2014

My right foot

I messed up my foot yesterday playing soccer. The details of the incident are irrelevant but involve being old and brittle. This morning I tried to go out on my 85 and 5.2, and my foot complained. A lot. Now I'm sitting at Stevenson watching the wind blow and barely standing on my sausage foot. Oh well, I missed a good day, there will be more...
This is Stevenson, WA. Gotta try this spot...

Doug's beach

Scored a sweet sesh at Doug's today! Temira and iW called it right with high teens to  low 20s east of Hood River (which was pretty dead by the way). My first time at Doug's, the place has sandbars on both shores, so it's perfect for practicing new stuff. Foot is almost back, but still hurts so my moves were less than spectacular. It's good to be back on the water though!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

First sesh with the new gear

I finally got the 85L Goya One on the water today! The wind was around 20 mph at the Hatch, but ubut up and down and gusty, so not great for smaller gear but what the heck I couldn't wait any longer. I rigged a 5.2 and got out first on the 105. Once I felt the wind was up I switched to the 85, with 210 fin and 100 thrusters. Man that stick is sleek! It combines the surfey feel of a quad with the drive of a mono. It turns on a dime, I got up on a couple of small swells and the board just switched direction with the slightest foot pressure. The sesh with the 85 was short because the wind came back down so I had to go back to the 105, but so far I'm loving this board!!!