Saturday, January 11, 2014

First on of the year

Signs of a rough night
Today we had our first session of the year in Seattle! A big storm hit the area yesterday. I packed the car in the evening and tried to catch some sleep. But all night I kept being woken up by trash cans rolling down the street and windows slapping.
The sunk boat is the first thing I saw when I pulled over at Waverly, the thing was tied to a park bench, someone made an emergency docking. Anyway, It was honking 30 to 40 out of the SSE. I went out on the 5.2 and got punished by big swell and way too much wind. I borrowed Corey's Sailworks 4.4and mast, and Michal's boom (I seriously need more gear), and that was the ticket. I hit some pretty nice swell, on port tack, the sail handled perfectly. I need to check out these Sailworks sails, everybody here loves them, and I must say I was impressed. Anyway, we rode until noon, and then I headed back home. 2014 is here, and I hope it's a good one!