Sunday, April 22, 2012

The perfect Sunday

I'm beginning to think that April is the best month around here for windsurfing. For two years in a row April has been the month I've sailed the most, and this year it may be no different. April has the perfect combination of cold air that fuels the Midwest winds, and warmer days. North is the prevailing wind direction, which means Montrose goes off pretty often, and today was no exception.
Andrew, Brian, Steve and I were sailing, Matt is still beat up from South Padre Island, so he staid on shore. I rigged the 5.2 again (patched with more duct tape), and it turned out to be just fine, although the Goya 105 was a little too much for the chest high waves...
I'm thinking about getting an 85 litter gun just for when Montrose goes off...
Tomorrow looks good by the way, so we'll see...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring in the Midwest

Montrose went off today. We had NW wind gusting to 35 mph at the crib, and it definitely felt like upper 20s at the beach, maybe even higher. I had the 5.2 all the way down (by the way the new mast works great), and it still felt way too much. Once again I wish I had an 85 L board with a 4.7, the 105 felt way to big going out in massive chop. In other news, Matt and Andrew are back from South Padre, and it sounds like they had an awesome time.

Getting some air in the surf

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rig for the forecast or for the conditions?

Nuclear session today at Wolf. The forecast predicted 30s from the SSW, perfect Wolf, but when I got there the wind was mere 15 mph, enough for the 6.5 but not for the 5.2. What would you have done? Rig for the wind in front of you or for the forecast wind? Re-rigging is not an option here, we are too lazy for that...
This time I rigged for the forecast, and it paid off. The wind picked up to the point that I could not even hold my 5.2. Once in a while I get it right...
By the way my mast exploded, my gear is disintegrating... Thanks Steve for letting me borrow yours.

Sail 360 here I come

Thursday, April 5, 2012

... and one more!!!

The wind blew all night and by this afternoon it was solid 25 mph. I rigged my trusty 5.2 with as much downhaul as I could, and it still felt too much. We were sailing almost parallel to the beach, and riding some big wind swell. On one of the rides I ate some 5 feet of white water, and catapulted violently. By the time I got my rig back I noted a huge hole in my Ezzy Wave 5.2. That sail has been with me for years, it has been my high wind sail, the piece of gear you rig for epic conditions. I know, some people don't own anything bigger than a 5.2, but this ain't Tarifa or Fuerteventura, so imagine if you broke your high wind sail, whatever that might be... It went great windsurfing gear should go: on an epic day, doing some crazy shit...
I hope I can get it fixed, I need my 5.2 for those sessions worth dreaming about.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Opening day at Montrose

I know, I haven't been posting as much this year, and that's because I haven't been sailing as much. The wind and I have been on different schedules, until today. A post from Brian on got me out of my misfortune. He was going to hit Montrose in the afternoon, and I decided to join him. Good call, we sailed super powered up on 6.5 for two and half hours, in side on NNE wind. It was Montrose at its best, clear water, waves, a perfect opening day. 
Goya's fifth season...