Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer kickoff

It's been windy for the past 4 days in the Gorge. I keep getting emails of sesh reports, pictures (like the one below Of Tuson Poor by Trudy Lary), etc, etc. The guys in Chicago probably got some too because I know they were going out and I haven't heard from them. Everybody got some TOW this weekend! I had an awesome sesh on Friday at the Hatch, switching from 4.2/87 to 3.7/72 and back for the end of the day.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back at Doug's

So I started right where I left more than two months ago, at Doug's beach on the Washington side. Wow, it's been more than two months, I felt a little rusty. Started with 3.7/86, but was slogging a bit so moved to 4.2, which worked perfect until 1:30. Wind kept coming up so went back to 3.7 until i left. Apparently the wind kept getting better and better, check out these pics taken by Trudy Lary in the late afternoon! Need to work on starboard jumps, back and forward loops. Those are the goals for the season!
Doug's notes: 4.2 worked well with 20 mph average. It was gusty so I went with a bigger 86 L board, but 72 would have been smoother.