Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Three-day weekend

Beautiful Kalmus!!!

Windsurfers ripping at Kalmus
Great weekend here in New England! Finally I got my stitches out last Friday, and the forecast was promising for Sunday, but Saturday also looked good for some Formula BAFing. I went to Fogland on Saturday morning a Igor was there with his 10.8, typical summer weekend. We had to wait for the wind, but it finally happened at around 4. It was enough to make the big stuff work, and it was kind of fun to see how you can get overpowered on 16 mph winds... Note: the formula gear, even if it will make you fly in virtually no wind, has its limitations when it comes to maneuverability. Oh well, we got wet and that's what mattered.
Sunday was a different story. Kalmus went off at 4, and I was pretty powered on my 6.5, again, could I have rigged 5,2? May be...
And then, the bonus, an unexpected afternoon session on Monday. This time I rigged small, and it was total fun, even if I was shlogging some of the time (Fogland is gusty, as we all know...).

Loop update: On Saturday I practiced throwing myself over the rig in no wind. I did that about fifteen times, and I thought "now I'm ready"... Well, I was not. When the wind picked up at Kalmus I could not find the courage to throw myself in the air and forward. When they say that looping is 90% balls, they are right... On Monday at Fogland I spotted a piece of chop and I just went for it. When I got my head out of the water, I was in front of the rig, I had been thrown forward... FORWARD!!!! That means that I started to make my way into this tricky and beautiful maneuver... Now I need to keep trying, and trying, and trying...

See you out there!
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