Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wolf Lake

Good day at Wolf. I woke up early this morning, with the intention to go to Michigan, but by the time I had breakfast, checked several windsurfing sites, talked to my brother on the phone, and a few other things it was almost noon... After all it's Sunday, and it's my chilling day of the week...
So I went to Wolf, 20 minutes from home. Wolf Lake is a small lake in Indiana, with a grassy rigging area, and friendly flat water. It's pretty popular among windsurfers for its accessibility. 6.5 and 105 L worked just fine, enough to get me through the lulls (being an inland lake, the wind at Wolf is notoriously gusty)...
So it was a pretty cool sesh, going back and forth and hitting the occasional mini ramp. The wind died at about 5 PM, I was home by 7.
Tomorrow the forecast is showing colors that I've never seen in my life. The guys from are going out, I don't know where, chak out the site by the end of the week for pictures of the massacre!!!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

First time at Montrose! 9/20/09

Today I hit Montrose Beach, on the north side of Chicago! This is a popular spot simply because it's close to the city. It was blowing 12-14 knots, time for my light wind speed machine to shine...
I really like that rig, it gets me going, it's perfect for soul sessions, long reaches back and forth... But the Starboard F-type sometimes feels stiff, well, I guess I should expect that from any board carrying a 50 cm fin... Anyway, great session, I will definitely go back to Montrose when it's going off, looks like the swell gets nice over there...
(No pictures today... sorry!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend road trip: Michigan City and St Joseph

Last weekend there was some wind forecasted for both days... time for a road trip. Our first stop was Michigan City, in Indiana. The beach faces WNW, and the forecasted wind direction was NNW,so we were expecting some nice side-on push... Nothing happened until 6 PM, when all of the sudden it sarted blowing in the 18-20s. It was pretty on-shore, so I rigged my 6.5 to have extra power to make it upwind, and get out of the impact zone that was getting pretty big. The ride out felt great, I went through the white water with no problem. My ride back was a memorable one: I was running parallel to the beach riding walls of fresh water. In one of those waves I wiped out, and just made it in time to grab my rig before the next wave hit. This second wave fell with all its force on my sail, and snapped my mast in half, the sail made it in one piece though, GO EZZY!!! Anyway, that was the end of another great short sesh... time for a beer.
Sunday we went ot St Joseph, in Michigan. This is a surf spot, pretty cool, and famous in the area for getting scary big... Well, it didn't get stary big, but it definitely showed up its potential. The waves looked so nice in the morning that we decided to try SUP. My first time on a SUP, and I must tell it's a great woukout!

Me SUPing in St Joseph

Time for some sailing
Crazy SUPer in shorts

 Surfin' Michigan

In the afternoon the wind picked up, so we rigged and went out, but we needed a little bit more wind to make things work... Later that day, two SUPers showed up at the beach and went out to Tiscornia (the other side of the beach) where the waves were pretty heavy. One of the guys was in shorts, I really thought that we were going to have to rescue him, but he made it back in one piece...
Anyway, another great weekend in the mid-west,  I can't wait to get another SUP sesh... maybe tomorrow...
Thanks again to Reid Fillman, the guy behind the camera! If you want to see more pics, check out