Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wolf Lake

Good day at Wolf. I woke up early this morning, with the intention to go to Michigan, but by the time I had breakfast, checked several windsurfing sites, talked to my brother on the phone, and a few other things it was almost noon... After all it's Sunday, and it's my chilling day of the week...
So I went to Wolf, 20 minutes from home. Wolf Lake is a small lake in Indiana, with a grassy rigging area, and friendly flat water. It's pretty popular among windsurfers for its accessibility. 6.5 and 105 L worked just fine, enough to get me through the lulls (being an inland lake, the wind at Wolf is notoriously gusty)...
So it was a pretty cool sesh, going back and forth and hitting the occasional mini ramp. The wind died at about 5 PM, I was home by 7.
Tomorrow the forecast is showing colors that I've never seen in my life. The guys from are going out, I don't know where, chak out the site by the end of the week for pictures of the massacre!!!
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Steve Cooper said...

Juan, It looks like your onto a pretty nice windsurfing scene! We'll be thinking about you during those cold windy days ahead when Igor and I have the whole beach to ourselves. You may have the whole beach to yourself in snowy Chicago.