Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lake Wenatchee

Just when I thought that July was going to come and go without sailing (I got skunked at the Gorge two weekends ago), I caught a session today at Lake Wenatchee.
The place is a mountain lake that works basically like the Gorge. There's warm air on one side, cold air on the other, and a narrow passage where the moving air picks up speed. The locals got it figured out (no minor feat given that regular models do not predict actual wind speed), and today they got it right. It started slow at 10 AM but by noon it was solid 6.5 conditions. By 5 PM I could have been on a 5.2, but as usual I didn't want to come back and re-rig. Dick, a local rider, was there on his 7.0 and 120.
This is the first session since I moved to the Northwest, it felt good to be back on the water...

The launch at an undisclosed spot ;)