Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lowering the bar

First cold session in the Gorge! Well, actually it turned out to be not that cold: water was at 50 degrees, air was at 30 when we started but climbed up to 40 by the end. Plus, Rooster has heated restrooms, so no going all Houdini in your car while putting on the wetsuit. It's like cheating almost! Wind was at around 30, so I rigged 85 L and 4.7,  and it was perfect! I really like winter sessions, I don't know why I find cold weather almost more appealing than warm weather. And apparently there's a group of people here in the Gorge who like being splashed in the face with freezing water as well (and they've been doing it for years!), so I look forward to more winter sessions...
Best past of windsurfing: sharing the stoke, no doubts about that...

The icy path the the water, try to walk on ice in sailing booties while holding a rig and being blasted with 30 mph wind

Rigging area

Larry ripping out there

Well within temperature range, by the end of the session ;)