Thursday, April 5, 2012

... and one more!!!

The wind blew all night and by this afternoon it was solid 25 mph. I rigged my trusty 5.2 with as much downhaul as I could, and it still felt too much. We were sailing almost parallel to the beach, and riding some big wind swell. On one of the rides I ate some 5 feet of white water, and catapulted violently. By the time I got my rig back I noted a huge hole in my Ezzy Wave 5.2. That sail has been with me for years, it has been my high wind sail, the piece of gear you rig for epic conditions. I know, some people don't own anything bigger than a 5.2, but this ain't Tarifa or Fuerteventura, so imagine if you broke your high wind sail, whatever that might be... It went great windsurfing gear should go: on an epic day, doing some crazy shit...
I hope I can get it fixed, I need my 5.2 for those sessions worth dreaming about.

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