Monday, February 17, 2014

First double of the year

Two in a row! We had southerlies yesterday and today! I've been wanting to hit this place on the South side of Alki Beach point that I thought could work, but never had the guts to try it. On a S day, the wind is pretty much side on, and steady as a fan. There are a few "concerning" things though: if you pass the point and break something you're out in Elliott Bay, at the mercy of freighter traffic, barges, and all sorts of local critters, including several pods of orcas who like to hang out there (yeah I know, they don't eat people, 98% of the time, but I dare you to having one of them 6 feet from you while water starting and not crap your wetsuit). 
Despite all those things, today I decided to give it a shot. The wind was in the 20s from the South, and the place worked perfectly! Until I broke my fin that is. Yeah it seems like rocks are less forgiving than sand, and I broke my fin coming into shore, so I had to cut the session short. Still, I'm pretty pumped that I found this awesome spot on the sound for S winds, can't wait to try it again!
The spot is by the Charles Richey Sr Viewpoint
The beach on low tide

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