Friday, March 21, 2014

Almost made is across!

There are roughly 4 miles between Lowman in West Seattle and Blake Island, across the Puget Sound. I've been wanting to sail across since I moved here, so today I gave it a shot. The wind was in the low teens out of the North, perfect for the longboard. I launched late, around 5:45, and 30 minutes later I had still not reached the other coast. I knew that sunset was at 7:25, so I headed back. There is a constant traffic of freighters going up and down the sound, and I didn't want to get in their way with low visibility and no wind. The rig felt OK, as good as a long board can feel I guess.
So I didn't make it, but I'll be back! In other news, the new suit (O'Neil Pyrotech) feels fine, but you need to Houdini your way out of that thing, so hard! Anyway, I hope there'll be more of these sessions during the spring...
The Chicago band is gearing up to the annual Texas trip, more to come about that soon, I wish I could join them!

Getting ready to launch

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