Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Missed it

Worse thing about missing a session? This terrible circumstance could have been avoided with some minimal planning. So many variables have to fall in place in order for guys like me and you to score a friggin session. If you're like me, you have a job, a family, there's the wind (usually there needs to be some wind to go windsurfing), etc, etc. And I don't count temperature and rain as variables, we can't afford to have them ruin our only windy day of the month. So as long as the water is not solid and there is no lightning, rain and temperature don't count for me. So today  I could have scored a beautiful sesh if I would have been super efficient at work, had my gear ready in the car, and checked more than one forecast, but I didn't. THE FORECAST SAID IT WAS GOING TO DIE BY NOON!!! What's all this wind doing at 4 PM? Oh well, live and learn... The forecast looks flat for the next week... Nice...

Who was at work from 8 to 4?

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