Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winduro training

Yesterday I went back to Lake Washington on my long board for some winduro training. The winduro is a race around Mercer island (on Lake Washington). I had my first attempt at it a few weeks ago, and was not able to finish it, mostly due to not being familiar with my gear.
Yesterday the wind was much lighter than on race day, maybe 10 mph out of the S, SSE. Greg and I sailed upwind from Leschi, and went under the East I-90 bridge. We stopped at a small park upwind from I-90, and then crossed the lake back on one reach before heading downwind under the West bridge. It was a great sesh, and good training. Handling a big rig downwind is a hands full, and that's my biggest issue.
I'll sail the course as many times as I can, and in as many conditions as I can, the idea of circumnavigating Mercer Island is just too good to pass!

I have no pics of Mercer island. This is Vashon island, a beautiful spot in front of West Seattle

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