Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back to Maui (part one)

I am in Maui right now, It's been a pretty intense day. It started with a visit to the Goya headquarters, where I was blown away by the hospitality and good vibe of all the folks there. Jason Diffin (Ezzy, North, Severne, now Goya sails... yeah that dude) was working on a sail, but took the time to show me around, and introduce me to the others. Keith Teboul was there working on a prototype, but stopped to chat for a minute... with me! I'm a total stranger, a regular Joe who pretty much walked through the door. My biggest windsurf accomplishment is that I haven't drowned yet, and yet everybody took their time to introduce themselves Goya stopped and chatted for a bit, before offering me to demo some of their stuff: Nexus sails 6.4 and 7.5, and an FXRS (I told him I ride an FXR) because Kanaha where I was headed had more free ride conditions. Pascal Bronnimann even offered a bag for the board.  
So yeah, I was blown away by the guys at the Goya Loft, and I haven't told you about the session yet!

More to come.

Jason Diffin

Francisco and me


Keith Tenboul

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