Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to Seattle

Seattle gave me a welcome back today. We had a killer sesh at Lowman with Greg and Dan. I got there by 11 or so, it was cranking. There were white caps all the way to the beach, and it looked pretty gnarly out in the middle of the sound, the wind must have been above 25 because my 6.5, with max downhaul on a 105 wave board still felt like a hand full. Greg showed up and rigged 6.0 on a 130 race board. We were out there for 30 minutes and it was pure survival sailing. There were nice ramps, maybe 4 to 5 feet, but I was not going for them because I had too much sail. We sailed back, traded a few nervous smiles, and went back out. I think that's when Greg sent the email saying we were OPd. Dan showed up and rigged a 5.0 on his long board. I rigged 5.2 and that was the ticket. I rode the 5.2 fully powered for an hour or so, but then the wind came down a little (maybe to low 20s), just enough for Greg to be "in da zone" on his 6.0, and for Dan to go out as well. I rigged back up to 6.5, and we rode for an hour or so more before calling it a day. What a day!

Lowman's notes: the wind was steady and predictable, water temperature was not an issue with a dry suit. Swell was gentle, as I said, maybe 4 to 5 feet, typical bump and jump conditions. The launch is. however, not to be underestimated: the beach is narrow and flanked by walls, and there is some current with the tides. This is not a Fall/Winter solo spot. 

Greg ripping on the way back to shore

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GregM. said...

Yeah, this was a fun day! But, I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to sail round-trip to Blake Island while you were here. Maybe you can come up from Portland for a road-trip and we can do it. I've got enough gear, for you to borrow. Greg :)