Sunday, November 3, 2013


Epic day at Newcastle yesterday! We've been watching the weather for a week, waiting for the forecasts to be wrong once again, but this time they got it right. The wind was up and down, through the day, and Newcastle was as gusty as it gets. I don't remember ever changing gear so many times during a session. I started early in the morning on 105 and 5.2, it was pure survival out there, trying to keep the board on the water. The wind must have been in the 30s gusting in the 40s, because the 5,2 Ezzy was rigged beyond high wind specs and still was too much. Swell was 3 to 4 feet, perfect but out of my reach because I was so darn overpowered. I then borrowed Michal's Gaastra 4.2 wave and his 85L Angulo, and that was the ticket for a while, thanks bro! Michal went back out on the Angulo, so I borrowed Giovanni's 70L board, and that was a little too small, thanks Giovanni! By then the wind had come down, and there was a hole in the middle section. Waterstarting a 70L board in gusty stuff was not pretty, but once on a plane, the board felt super lively and fast. Then the wind came down a bit, so back I went on the 5.2 and 105 for the grand finale. The last part of the day was a thing of beauty. Fully powered, just blasting and hitting that swell in the middle as hard as I could, although by then it had gotten a little smaller. 
The best part, however, was to see so many sailors out there, all so tired and happy, getting out, ripping, a true party!

Pictures courtesy of Kevin. Thanks for enduring the conditions and for getting some great shots!
Unknown sailor. This dude was ripping!

Getting some

Finally in control of the situation

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GregM. said...

YES - This was an epic day !!