Saturday, November 23, 2013


I finally scored a sesh at Alki beach! After a bad call last week when I ended holding a 10.4 in 30 mph wind, today I had my redemption. The wind was out of the North, averaging 15 mph, so I went out on the Lightning and 10.4. I was able to plane back and forth, with no need to use the centerboard to stay upwind. I tooled around with the harness lines, both position and length. To be honest the long board always feels awkward when it's powered up and planing. I think the straps are not placed in the right place and angle for the more modern sails (Saliworks NX2). Anyway, I always end up struggling a bit with foot position and stance. By the end I was pretty dialed in, and the whole rig started feeling more lively on the water.
The wind came down after a couple hours, so I called it quits by 3:30 or so. All in all it was a great sesh, I can't wait to sail Alki again!

Sharing the sound with giant freighters 

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