Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rematch at Waverly

This time the wind showed up on time at Waverly. As I got to the beach I saw Corrie on 6.0 and 100 L slalom, so I went 5.2 and 105, not enough... Came back, rigged 6.5 flat, but I needed a little more, so I powered the Ezzy to the max, and that was perfect! About an hour later the 6.5 was becoming a hands full, to I flattened it again, I never stop being surprised by the range of the Ezzys. Anyway, the grand finale was a teeth grinding, holing on for dear life 20 minutes, what I call a "caveman ride", when the rig is too, big, and you know it, but you're so stoked and tired that you (me) don't stop to re-rig... I love those moments, I love riding powered up, just holding on, blasting like a caveman...

Corey ripping in yellow

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