Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coulon Park

The warm days are back in Seattle, and that means no more winter storms. It's time to pack the small gear and and get the big stuff out. Today we hit Coulon Park, in South Lake Washington. The wind was in the single digits, gusting up to low teens, at best, ideal for long boarding. I'm always surprised at the planing capability of the F2. The thing gets on a plane with such little wind! I'm talking about 12 mph stuff, incredible. So all in all it was a great session: sunny, warm, beautiful.
The Chicago crowd is on its way to Corpus. They are driving all the way with loads of gear. I'll post pictures soon.

Coulon Park, with beautiful Mount Rainier in the background*
* I downloaded this pic from the internet, there is no author so I can't give props to anybody

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