Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What makes a session?

Someone gets out of work at 6:30. He drives through traffic to the beach and gets there by 7:15. He's on the water by 7:35 and sails until sunset. He de-rigs under the moonlight and goes home. That is what I did today in 12 mph wind out of the North. I glided out and back, and being out there made me happy. So that as a session for me, and a great one! I launched at Lowman again, found a spot to rig right there on the beach, perfect. There were two guys on a Laser who just got out of the water, there were other people having a drink and watching the sunset. It was quite a scene.
October is coming, and so is winduro, I better get my jibes tighter on the F2 if I want to make it around Mercer island.
In other news, the guys in Chicago are getting ready for the best part of the season, more to come about that. 
Sunset at Lowman

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