Sunday, September 15, 2013

Storm session

A storm rolled into Seattle and brought South wind, rain and thunder. I went to Lowman to check it out and it was blowing enough for the 10.4. The thunder was East of me, so I gave it a shot. I sailed for 2 hours in great conditions. I am finally getting to know the 10.4 and how to tune it. The long board is still a mystery though, it goes upwind like nobody's business, but I can't handle it well in stronger winds. Today I ordered some stuff to re-do the deck, which is slippery as hell, not good when you're tacking a huge sail. Speaking of tacks, I need to get them dialed before winduro, because I bet it'll be a long board event... 
I better get used to low visibility, or get a marine radio in case I get lost out there, no joke!
BTW the season is on in Chicago. Check out Montrose going off!

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