Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The windsurfing zone

Last Sunday I met more of the Seattle windsurfers. And one thing really impressed me: these dudes are skunk proof. And it's not their gear, nor are the conditions, it's them. They sail a bunch in sub-planing conditions, railing long boards from the 80s and 90s. As it turns out, boards from that era represent the apex of sub-planing design. The  Holy Trinity is the Mistral Equipe, the Fanatic Cat and the F2 Lightning. After that, there's nothing until the newer Starboard Phantom... well' there's something but not as good. 
These guys have a totally different attitude from any other riders I've met. Don't get me wrong, some of them are extremely skilled riders, and they go out when it's 20 knots as well, but they take whatever wind is there and make it work.  They reminded me of a time when I was just as happy jumping on a board and going forward, just as happy about being out there cruising the water, propelled by the wind. And now I want more!
Yeah I'll still go to the Gorge, and Lake Wenatchee, yeah I'll still try to put myself in orbit. But on a sunny afternoon, when the air is warm and the sunset seems to last forever, you may see me slogging out there on my long board, propelled by the lightest of winds, just because it's fun.
An old sign I found at the launch... 

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