Monday, August 19, 2013

Lake Washington

Awesome day on Lake Washington today. It was great to see so many windsurfers out there. I was out in the middle of the lake on Gregg's F2 and the prototype Sailworks, which we believe is a 9.5 when the wind picked up from 5 to 18. Wind like this is rare in Seattle, I'm glad we caught it. 
First time out on Lake Washington, I'll post more data later. It's a fun place to ride...
Gregg is the tiny dot in front of the boat. He's smiling

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GregM. said...

Great post Juan. So hey, here's new info for you (not that it matters, since you're moving to Portland :) But, I just found out last month (May '14) that the prototype sail that we used and had such a great time on this day at Magnuson Park was a 8.8M sail. I brought it into Sailworks in Hood River last month and Bruce showed me the little code that he'd written on it. And he said, it's an 8.8M. So now, we both know :)