Sunday, January 10, 2010

Windy Sunday

We got some great wind today! I arrived to Wolf Lake little after noon, and it was already blowing. The lake was covered in about 10 inches of snow (still nothing like yesterday at Dunes). In regular conditions (that means liquid water) I would have rigged 5.2, but I knew that I needed more power to get going in the snow, so I went with 6.5.
I'm still having trouble controlling the windski, I either go too upwind and loose speed, or I go way downwind... Another thing that seems not right are the harness lines, I have a hard time hooking in and making it work, I go much better unhooked. Maybe I should move the mast track further, if I only had a drill...
Wolf Lake, frozen

I should get a few fishing poles if I'll keep spending countless hours in frozen lakes

Who needs Bonaire... Maybe me...
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