Friday, January 30, 2015

First time at Stevenson

I retreated from Rooster today. That's OK, I didn't feel like dying on a Friday. I don't know what made me call it, maybe it was the rainbows created by spray being blown off the top of the swells, maybe it was the blue skies, or maybe it was the rattling sound that the 3.7 made, like it was made out of Saran Wrap. Everything was beautiful in a "my last minute on earth" kind of way. Almost like God was telling me "look at all this beauty son, for the last time... Cuz you're an idiot and rigged to big..." So I packed my stuff and went to Stevenson where is was blowing only 30, rigged my 4.7/85/21 combo, and had myself a session. There were two other windsurfers, and two or three kiters. Beautiful.

Unknown riders

Stevenson Marina

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