Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good bye party

It's time to start saying god bye to Chicago, and in order to celebrate three years of awesome windsurfing we gathered at Andrew's house and threw a hell of a party. Mike, Steve, Brian, Matt and Andrew showed up, so the whole Cult was there.
I'm going to miss Chicago, I'm going to miss waking up in a frigid and windy morning, looking over my window and seeing Montrose go off. I'll miss Wolf Lake, polluted as it is, with its 30 hard core windsurfers. I'll miss 12th Street Beach, jibing outside and coming back with the Chicago skyline as a backdrop. But over all I'll miss this bunch of nuts that call themselves my friends. 
From left to right: Michael, Andrew, me, and Matt

From left to right: Brian, Andrew, me and Matt

A toast to Chicago's windsurfers!

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