Friday, May 3, 2013

One more at Montrose

We had a classic Montrose day yesterday: 20+ knots out of the NNE, 5 feet waves (with the occasional 6 footer on the outside), 50 degrees (OK maybe high 40s, but who cares!). Andrew and I showed up in the morning, and it was honking already. I was on my 5.2, Andrew rigged a 4.8 and we both were lit up. By 4 PM the wind came down a little, but then it picked up again. I had left the beach already but Michael, Steve and Andrew squeezed every  drop of wind left. We met afterwards and watched some footage of the day over dinner, perfect Thursday! 
Note: I broke both harness lines. I'd like to think it's because of all the hard riding, but I'm starting a diet just in case ;)
Riding in the sky

Andrew from the jetty

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