Monday, May 28, 2012

Back at Wolf

Crazy as it sounds it's been so busy last week that I did not have time to post about one of the most amazing sessions we had a Waukegan. People were pushing it so hard that my buddy Brian snapped his mast a mile from shore. He is some prudent dude and was prepared with life vest, whistle, etc, etc, and Andrew was with him, so both made it to shore... But that's another story.
Today I was back at Wolf, man it's been a while and I almost had forgotten how it feels to rig way big for the conditions and just go out there and blast back and forth. Everybody was there, the freestylers, the speedsters, and us, good times.
I have amazing memories of Wolf. The pond has been generous to me, but riding the big lake is like nothing else. Keep the good days coming!
Andrew and I blasting on 6.5s... The dude is fast!!

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