Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back to the Midwest

It's finally spring here in the Midwest and we're getting some kick ass wind. Today it was 5,2 until 3 PM. But to me, nothing says spring more than being able to sail with no gloves, what a treat!
Everybody was there, some were removing the rust from the winter, some looked like they've been practicing all winter (I saw some forward loops and some nice duck jibes).
Anyway, it was just another great day at the pond, hope to see you there soon! 
No gloves!!!

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Manuel said...

Hey Juan,
... and some were late, just in time to see how the wind disappear. But hey, getting on and off my drysuit it is always a good workout.
Can you get me the info of the woman that teach kite, and maybe we can get together to learn some rookie moves.
Mándame la info a mi email: