Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow time!!!

Chicago is known for many things: culture, music, architecture, food, sports, and so on. However, if there is one thing this city is not known for, that is skiing. But we are windsurfers, and for us (and many other zen monks) the obstacle is the path. So today I headed to Wisconsin looking for some slopes, road trip! I found Wilmot Mountain, and I spent 4 hours going up and down in 800 feet of ice, and I was loving it until I discovered... hold on... is that a ramp?
By the end of the day I was landing my jumps, and that was fun...
One time, Jim Ballantyne from Sail World Cape Cod told me: windsurfing is the best sport, you have the water, the chop, and if you add to that even a little wave, then that's all you need...
That little slope, that little ramp was all I needed today.


juan said...

Hola Juan.
Estoy planeando viajar a Chicago el 22 de deicembre.
Sabes donde puedo encontrar el ciudad una buena tienda de trajes de windsurf para niños?
Donde yo vivo, en Valencia, España, no es fácil encontrarlos.

Juan Piantino said...

Hola Juan!
Con respecto a los trajes, en chicago hay poco y nada de trajes y de equipo en general... lo que podes hacer es ordenarlo por internet y que lo manden a una direccion de aca, y cuando venis lo buscas. Es un poco complicado por el talle, pero puede funcionar...
si queres, lo podes mandar a mi casa, no hay problema... mandame un mail a y te paso la direccion... cuando estuve en Tarifa los espanoles me ayudaron un montos, asi que les debo el favor ;)