Saturday, October 23, 2010

WIndsurfers on the road

Sometimes the wind blows in the middle of the night. Some other days it blows when you are at work, or while you are getting married, reading a book, or doing anything else but sailing. Some other days, though, the wind starts blowing right as you enter your beach parking lot, it stays up to epic conditions for a few hours, and then it disappears.
Those days you sail like there is no tomorrow. Because in fact, there is no tomorrow (the next session might be in two months), and all you have is here and now.
Well, that's what happened today at Wolf, with the exception that tomorrow it might be windy again, and all my pseudo-zen BS may get blown away...
Pray for wind...

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Manuel said...

Juan I came across your blog trough windsurfinillinois forum. It´s pretty pretty good. I think, at least one of many wind gods and goddesses (e.g. AEOLUS, AMAUNET, La'a Maomao, HURAKAN, Master of Winds, OYA, TONGA, AFRICUS:southwest wind god[humm, could it be this one], etc.), heard your pray (mine too).
Tuesday and Wednesday looking pretty freaking awesome:
I hope you can make it. By the way, I particular like your last picture. I wonder why.
Good to see you again.