Saturday, March 13, 2010

The ice is gone!

Well, three months after my last session in liquid water, I had the first session of 2010! I hit Wolf today for a gear test drive before getting serious in Lake Michigan, and that turned out be a great idea...
Not that I was going to get on the Big Guy after three months of no windsurfing, alone, on a cloudy, rainy day; but I've done stupid things before, so nothing is for sure...
Anyway, I found out that the winter took a toll on my gear, especially the boots, and the dry suit, which may need some fixing or even replacement before I get into deeper waters.
The sesh was a pretty good one, I guess I was so happy to be on the water that anything would have been fine. Anyway, 6.5 was the call, NE wind, gusty Wolf Lake conditions, but as I said, nothing beats being on the water again!
I'm also happy to finally have something to blog about, and I hope this will be the first of many more notes in 2010...

See you out there!
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