Monday, May 25, 2009

It's summer again!!!

Windsurfing was suspended for me this weekend (doctor's orders...) But he didn't say anything about showing up at the beach! Yesterday it was suny and there was some wind, so I decided to go to Fogland and take some pictures...
You can tell summer is here when you see Igor on his 10.8 on a suny day!

One more comment: I declare 2009 the year of the loop. It is my goal to land a forward before Christmas... There it is, I said it, now I just need to GET TO WORK!!!! (I'll be posting here how things are going)

See you out there!
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1 comment:

scooper said...

Doctors orders? I hope you didn't throw your back out!

Alright, I'm gonna yell at you if I don't see you trying those loops. You can do the same for me.