Sunday, February 15, 2009

Face to face - 02/15/09

Igor and I have been putting some hours of mini wave sailing under our belt lately, mostly at Chapin and Corporation. After a great session on Saturday with Steve and local sailors Jerry and Barry, we decided to come back for more on Sunday morning... Today, however, things got a little rougher. The wind was NW at average 20 mph, and there were waves everywhere. OK, other sailors may not call this real waves, but for us there was plenty of wave power... We got rolled over, ass kicked, we swallowed gallons of water and saw our gear stumble and get washed ashore... but a few times we were granted a run in which we could see a swell get bigger, steeper, and turn into a beautiful wave in front of us... face to face... This entry could have had different names: Wave sailing for dummies; trapped inside a laundry machine: survival skills, and others; buy I liked "face to face" the most. It represents how humbling the power of Nature is, and how grateful I am that from time to time, I get to see that face to face...

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scooper said...

You and Igor are pretty crazy to be out there paying your dues in the waves, getting washed like that, in the middle of the winter! I hope you didn't get too many ice cream headaches.

Of course, I wish I could have been there too.