Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cape Hatteras, two years later

It's Saturday morning in Providence, and I am sitting in my living room, looking at the pictures from last week in Cape Hatteras. These are some of my favorite images, here we go...

Chesapeake Bridge: The bridge, known as one of the seven modern wonders, connects Virginia's Eastern Shore with Virginia's mainland. I know that I already posted pictures of the bridge, but this is definitely one of the highlights of the road to the Cape.
First morning in the campground. This is the KOA campground, which is located at about 20 miles from the Canadian Hole.
Day 1. Here I am having breakfast and updating my family about the trip. The forecast for that day wasn't promising, so I took my time to head to the beach.A quiet afternoon at the Canadian Hole. Nothing to do but wait and pray for wind :)Sunset in Palmico Sound. Watching the sunset with windsurfer friends is a must in every trip to the Cape.More images of Palmico Sound...

Well, these are some of the images of Cape Hatteras. You may ask whiy there are no windsurfing images. Well, we had one day of epic conditions, but it was just one out of my 5 days there, so I spent the whole day sailing, and forgot about the pictures...

May be the nex time ;)


Marita said...

Muy bueno lo tuyo Juani!!, veo que Carly te ha inspirado en el mundo del windsurf!! Besos desde Bs.As. y queremos ver más fotos.
Take care, Sofi, Bruno y Marita

Marcelo said...

Bueno yo no tengo un carajo que ver aca porque te vi 3 veces y nunca hice windsurf, pero me gustaron las fotitos que pusiste y las descripciones de tus aventuras
Soy marce
Amigo de tus amigos de medicina (lagar, pepi, migue, etc)